margot wiburd - minimalist australian still life artist

Art careers information - free download ALMOST AN ARTIST

Art careers are challenging, but if you plan and develop your skills through practise and focus, anything is possible. "Almost an Artist" is a small collection of real life observations about the process of becoming an artist. I hope this document will give anyone considering studying art, or making a career change to art, some true insights.

I came to art mid life, and it was probably the bravest and best decision I made in my life - even though it opened me to many challenges on the financial side! If your heart is truly in it, then you will work hard, be inspired and do well as an artist. And in the's all about the journey. Have fun!

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In the Chapter, Leap of Faith, I describe my own career change from film to art. I hope it will motivate anyone considering making the transition to artist.

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