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Artist resources and inspirational sites

The links below are to artist resources and motivational products that I have personally experienced. I thoroughly endorse each link.

Ideas Man (See this book on

What can I say about Shed's crazy, wonderful book? Read it and wait for the motivation and ideas to happen! This is a one off and you'll find yourself giggling and cheering Shed on as you follow the story of his inventions and whacky schemes.

Artist Residency page on the Rimbun Dahan website

When it comes to artist resources - or rather, artist residencies - the Rimbun Dahan Malaysian residency is a wonderful way for artists to increase their art skills, experiment, explore a new culture. Hijjas and Angela Kasturi, who run the residency, are charming, creative, generous hosts - whom I shall never forget. Do explore this site.

The Mastery Club small logo
This prize-winning novel for adolescents is inspiring and empowering people of all ages and backgrounds. I defy you to read it and not fall in love with it!

According to its delightful author, this is the ONLY book that teaches universal laws and success principles (including practical tools like goal-setting, affirmations, visualisation and treasure mapping) in a page-turning novel. (It makes a fabulous gift.) Prepare to be delighted.

Artist Resources at the Australia Business Arts Foundation

An excellent artist resource for assisting Australian artists at all stages of their career. Most of the workshops offered are free and I've found them to be practical, clear and helpful.

Those of you who know me, know I am passionate about Spanish - having lived in Spain for over 8 years. I have now set up a website for learning Spanish. If you have a lust for languages, and Spanish in particular, come visit my Spanish site!

Finally, if you are seriously into self development, I urge you to investigate my law of attraction site...something I have successfully used to focus on my career goals. Start out with Mike Dooley's wonderful "Infinite Possibilities" audio book. It's brilliant and it's fun!

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