margot wiburd - minimalist australian still life artist

Paintings from France and Malaysia

The two oil paintings shown below left were created during nine months of classical fine art training with Ted Seth Jacobs at the Ecole Albert de Fois in the Loire Valley, France.

At the time, my art just wasn't coming together, no matter how hard I tried, studied or practiced.Towards the end of my art course, one chilly night on a deserted rural road, I had a desperate conversation with the heavens. The next morning, when I painted "Olivier" (bottom centre), it was as though another hand were guiding my paintbrush - to the great astonishment of my teacher and the rest of the class - and me! From that moment on, everything flowed. I've written about this experience in "The Path to Success."

The other works - large oil and pastel paintings - were created during a brilliant one year artist residency at Rimbun Dahan in Malaysia. (Click on images for a larger view).

oil painting of blue bowl in window frame
pastel drawing of crumpled sheet of paper
ensemble of tall, thin oil paintings with sky reflections in pond plus waterlily
still life oil painting of eggs in soft cloth
oil painting of Olivier perched on bathtub
large pastel of ceramic bowls
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